NetFPGA Design Contest 2010

The Stanford NetFPGA team is pleased to announce the 2010 NetFPGA Design Contest!

The NetFPGA is an open platform developed at Stanford University. The NetFPGA platform enables researchers and instructors to build high-speed, hardware-accelerated networking systems. The platform can be used by researchers to prototype advanced services for next-generation networks. By using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), the NetFPGA enables new types of packet routing circuits to be implemented and detailed measurements of network traffic to be obtained. The contest is split into two challenges. Teams can participate in either or both challenges. The design teams have 120 days to produce a working implementation employing any HW and SW design methodology and targeting the NetFPGA development platform. The contest begins on Feb 9th, 2010.

Challenge 1: The Best Network Tester/Packet Capture system There are a small number of very expensive packet generator and capture systems on the market, used for testing networks and network equipment. The goal of this design is to provide a usable, powerful and open-source alternative for use by universities and organizations unable to afford such expensive equipment.

Challenge 2: The Best Overall Network System Design The goal is to design and implement a novel design on the NetFPGA system. Use your imagination to devise a new use case for the NetFPGA. We are looking for solutions utilizing the NetFPGA cards that perform significant networking functionality.

The 1st place team will receive: $1,000 cash award, two NetFPGA-1G cards (or one NetFPGA-10G card when they become available), and the right to choose a school to receive 5 new NetFPGA-1G cards. Up to two team members of the 1st place team will receive an expenses-paid trip (flight, hotel and registration) to come and present your design at a NetFPGA Developers Conference. The 2nd place team will receive $600 cash award. The 3rd place team will receive $400 cash award.

Details about the competition, contest rules, eligibility and entry instructions can be found at