NetFPGA 2.2.0 Released

NetFPGA 2.2.0 is released.

Below is a brief description of improvements. Visit the release page to see the entire change log and bug fixes (


  • Gigabit MAC/Tri-mode Ethernet MAC:
    • allow TEMAC to be substituted for Gigabit MAC
    • switch all reference project to Gigabit MAC
  • Xen:
    • Driver and tools will now work in a Xen virtualization environment. (See the website for documentation.)
  • crypto_nic:
    • tests updated to reflect library location updates
    • Wireshark:
      • Include plugins for:
        • PWOSPF
        • event capture
      • Note: These currently do not compile without work from the user
  • driver:
    • add support for /sys/class/net under Linux 2.6+
  • fetch_mem_models:
    • included a script for fetching the memory models for simulation
  • build system:
    • UCF files provided by modules will be merged