The NetFPGA-1G-CML is an FPGA-based PCI Express board with Gigabit Ethernet I/O, an x4 gen2 PCIe adapter card incorporating Xilinx’s Kintex-7 325T FPGA. It is ideal for the development of highly complex, low bandwidth applications.

Features list:

  • Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Logic
    • Xilinx Kintex-7 325T
    • 326,080 logic cells
    • 16,020 Kbit block RAM
    • up to 4,000 Kbit distributed RAM
    • Fully programmable by the user
  • Gigabit Ethernet networking ports
    • Four 10/100/1000 Ethernet PHYs with RGMII
    • Wire-speed processing on all ports at all time using FPGA logic
  • Quad Data Rate Static Random Access Memory (QDRII+ SRAM)
    • Suitable for storing and forwarding table data
    • 450MHz Quad data rate (1.8 Giga transactions every second), synchronous with the logic
    • 36 MBit (4.5 MBytes) QDRII+ memory
    • Cypress: CY7C2263KV18
  • Double-Date Rate Random Access Memory (DDR3 DRAM)
    • Suitable for packet buffering
    • x8 DDR3 on-board device
    • 800MHz clock (1600MT/s)
    • 12.8 Gbps peak memory throughput
    • Capacity: 512MByte
    • Micron: MT41K512M8
  • PCI Express Gen. 2
    • Second generation PCI Express interface, 5Gbps/lane
    • 4 lanes (x4)
    • Hard IP
    • Provides CPU access to memory-mapped registers and memory on the NetFPGA hardware
  • Storage
    • SD-card slot
    • 1Gbit FLASH
  • Expansion Interfaces
    • Fully compliant VITA-57 FMC HPC connector, including 4 high-speed serial links (GTX)
    • Two Digilent PMOD expansion connectors
  • Additional Features
    • 32-bit PIC microcontroller
    • USB microcontroller
    • Real Time clock
    • Crypto-authentication chip
    • User LEDs & Push Buttons
  • Standard PCIe Form Factor
    • Standard PCIe card
    • 3/4 length, full height
  • Flexible, Open-source code

To see the NetFPGA-1G-CML repository and Wiki you will need to register.

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Where can I buy a NetFPGA 1G CML Platform?

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How can I get involved with the NetFPGA project?

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  • Registration
  • NetFPGA-1G-CML license

  • Once you have used the NetFPGA, we hope that you will contribute to the project.

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