NetFPGA Developers Workshop 2009

You already know that the NetFPGA implements a Gigabit NIC, A hardware-accelerated Internet router, a traffic generator, and an OpenFlow switch, and more. What else can it do? We invite you, our NetFPGA Developers, to join us at Stanford to see the newest NetFPGA Modules. Attend the workshop to see presentations and demonstrations of the latest network hardware and software.

A NetFPGA Board with a list of what projects going into it highlighting that one can add their own
  • Workshop Dates:
    • Demonstration Setup (for authors): Aug. 12, 2009
    • Workshop Presentations & Demonstrations: Aug. 13-14, 2009
    • Full Proceedings
    • Agenda
    • Papers Due: Apr. 27, 2009
  • Location
  • Presentations and Demonstrations on
    • Hardware enhancements for packet forwarding
    • Hardware applications for payload scanning
    • Methodology for high-level programming networking hardware
    • Testbed deployments
    • Data-plane virtualization
    • Applications that support soft radio, and traffic generation
    • More. See draft program on Wiki
  • Event Registration To cover Breakfasts, Snacks, Lunch, and Dinner
    • Early Registration: Before July 14
    • Late Registration: After July 14
  • Hotel: Sheraton Palo Alto
    • Rooms at $169/Night available using code NETFPGA
    • Check-in on: Tue. Aug 11 -- Checkout Fri, Aug 14 or Sat. Aug 15.
  • Transportation
    • Nearby Airports: San Francisco (SFO) and San Jose (SJC)
    • Marguerite: Free Shuttle Service on Stanford Campus
    • CalTrain: Green alternative to renting a car
  • Program Chairs
  • Program Committee
    • Satnam Singh, Microsoft Research Cambridge
    • David Miller, Cambridge University Computer Laboratory
    • Gordon Brebner, Xilinx
    • Martin Žádník, Brno University of Technology
    • Glen Gibb: Stanford University
    • Adam Covington: Stanford University
    • David Greaves: Cambridge University
    • Eric Keller: Princeton University
  • Single-page Call for Papers posting