NetFPGA Summer Camp 2011

Build an Internet routers and learn about clean-slate switches at a 5-day summer camp held at Stanford University

Presented by: the Stanford NetFPGA Group.

Open to: Academics teaching classes with the NetFPGA, and researchers (postdoc or graduate-student) interested in developing new hardware-accelerated network applications.

Date: Monday, August 1 - Friday, August 5, 2011

Time: 9am - 5pm, Evening events will be announced here.

Location: The Stanford University campus located between San Francisco and San Jose in the heart of Silicon Valley.


This week-long summercamp extends the material presented at the shorter workshop events

A photo from the camp

Another photo from the camp


Day 1 (Monday, July 30)

  • Welcome and introductions
  • NetFPGA
    • Infrastructure
      • Tree
      • Build System
      • Scripts
    • Life of a packet through the NetFPGA
      • Data and control planes
      • Interface to software: Execeptions and Host I/O
    • Implementation
      • Module Template
      • User Data Path
      • Write crypto NIC using a static key
    • Simulation and Debug
      • Simulation Functions
      • Write and Run Simulations for crypto NIC

Day 2 (Tuesday, July 31)

  • NetFPGA (cont.)
    • Registers
      • Explain Register System
      • Add XML to define crypto NIC encryption key
      • Use Generic Register Module to implement register
      • Update Simulations
    • Build and Test Hardware
      • Build
      • Explanation of Hardware Tests
      • Write and run Hardware Tests
        • Verify value: 0xFFFFFFFF
        • Verify value: 0xFF00FF00
        • Verify value: 0x55555555
    • Writing Software and Integration
      • Write setkey.c/getkey.c to write/read registers
      • Test between adjacent computers
  • Group Discussion
    • Projects ideas
    • Scope of work that can be accomplished in 2-3 days
  • Team up for Projects
    • Project leaders will describe projects
    • Group will provide feedback on the scope
    • Be sure to have one hardware designer per team
  • Example Hardware Design
    • Background and review of block diagrams
    • Show design running on nf-test machines
    • Discuss relevant Verilog Code

Day 3 (Wednesday, Aug. 1)

  • Work on Projects, examples from Summer Camp 2008 & 2010
    • 802.1q VLANs
    • Hardware-Accelerated Mathematics Library for NetFPGA
    • MACinMAC
    • Heavy Hitter Identification using Multistage
    • Layer 2 Load Balancing
    • Pattern Matching/Mini-IDS
    • TCP Traffic Analysis for Passive End-to-End Bandwidth Measurement
    • Assessment of Prototyping an AFDX Policy Switch Leveraging NetFPGA, Ethane, and OpenFlow Switch
    • ntop on NetFPGA
    • Universal Hash Function
  • NetFPGA group available for Questions and Answers
  • Dinner: TBD

Day 4 (Thursday, Aug. 2)

  • Complete Projects

Day 5 (Friday, Aug. 3)

  • Complete Projects
  • 10-minute project presentations
  • Live demonstrations
  • Award prizes to winning projects
  • Dinner: TBD

Saturday, Aug. 4

  • Checkout of Stanford Guest House

Background Reading

To Attend this Event

  • Mark your calendar with the dates of the event
    • Please plan to arrive Sunday night, July 31
    • Please plan to stay through Saturday morning, August 6
    • Registration fee covers shared meals (all breakfasts, lunches, and most dinners)
      • Registration Fee:
        • Early (before June 15th): $250
        • Late (after June 15th): $350
      • Register: Registration Site
      • Registration Deadline: June 15th
    • A limited number of scholarships are available for students or instructors from schools unable to cover registration and hotel expenses. Scholarship applicants do not need to to register through the registration website.
      • Award of the scholarships will be based on both merit and need:
      • Please provide one paragraph about that describes your relevant technical background in networking and/or hardware design.
      • Please provide another paragraph that explains why you or your host institution needs financial help.
      • Scholarship Application:
  • Travel Information
    • Direct flights are available to most parts of the country through SFO and SJC
    • CalTrain offers fast transportation between the airports and the Palo Alto
    • The Marguerite Shuttle offers rides between the train station, hotel, and campus. No car rental is needed.
  • Book accomodations at the Stanford Guest House
    • There are a block of rooms reserved for the NetFPGA event
    • These rooms are only guaranteed to be available until 06/16/2011
    • To reserve rooms call: (650) 926-2800 with the reservation code 'NetFPGA'
    • Single rooms are $119/night
    • Shuttle services available to campus